Joy of Sailing

Yacht Managment


Do you dream of your own catamaran?

We have fulfilled this dream in our community of owners. We sail with our own yachts in the most beautiful sailing areas in the Mediterranean Sea: on the Balearic Islands, in the Tyrrhenian (Sardinia, and Elba) and Ionian (Corfu) Sea and in the Turkish Aegean Sea (Fethiye).

Sun Charter GmbH

is our partner, reliable, competent, experienced for over 40 years. Sun Charter looks after our yachts regarding the highest quality, year after year. And we always look forward to our ship, well maintained and ready to sail for carefree weeks of sailing. Sun Charter takes care of everything else.

Yachts from Bavaria, Jeaneau and Dufour form our fleet. They are elegant, sporty ships and excellent sailors. The restriction to one product series also saves maintenance and storage costs.

Equipment and maintenance of our yachts

are the central concern for us owners and our particular strength. We sail in the top class and want to stay there. Our charter customers know and appreciate that.

Purchase of the yacht

You buy your yacht from the latest series from Bavaria, Jeanneau or Dufour through Sun Charter. Sun Charter will then outfit the yacht to the high standards set by us owners and register you as the owner.

Your Charter contract

You conclude the charter contract with Sun Charter and join our community of owners. We pool revenue from yachts of the same type per base and split it evenly. This limits risk and allows better utilization. You participate in this revenue pool immediately. That's why we only take on new ships if we expect good capacity utilization.

We will be happy to send you all documents from the charter contract and cost calculation on request.

Do you want to join?
Your contact: Marc Rosendahl

E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +49817129905