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Sun Charter Fleet 2016

Sun Charter provides you the best in class charter yachts from Dufour (D560, D 500, D 460, D 410, D 382, D350, and D 335) and Jeanneaau- Sun Odyssey (J 57, J 53, SO 509, SO 49i, SO 45, SO 44i, SO 439, SO 42i, SO 409, SO 39i, SO 36i).

New in the Sun charter fleet are the sporting Dufour 460 and the Dufour 350 with a great sailing performance and maximum comfort. Our catamaran fans can look forward to the classic Privilege 465 and the Lavezzi 40 in Turkey.

NEW since 2015/16 by the shipyard Dufour from France. As we renew our fleet regularly, we will also record in 2016 about 10 new yachts the shipyard Dufour in the fleet.

We offer the following yachts:

The new ships promise sporty and comfortable sailing, as you are used to it for years with Sun Charter ships. With this offer our fleet as a whole remains attractive and modern.

All vessels we have ordered to ensure our timely delivery and the current prices. Some of the new ships have already reserved to owner who are with Sun Charter since years.

For the New yachts still available we look forward to new owners. We are happy to inform you personally about our Sun Charter Owner model (Yacht [email protected])

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